What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program? – My Review

By | September 7, 2016

In today’s post, we will do a full Amazon affiliate program review, AKA Amazon Associates, and answer the question – What is the Amazon affiliate program?.

What is the Amazon Affiliate program

Program: Amazon Associates

Website: AmazonAssociates.com

Cost: Free

My Rating: 5/5

Howdy everyone and welcome back!

If you are at that stage in your online journey where you are trying to decide on the best ways to start monetizing your website, you have most likely heard of the Amazon affiliate program.

If you haven’t looked into it yet, then I strongly suggest that you do.

As we move along through this article, we will be looking into some of the unique features that the program offers and discuss why it is my go-to affiliate program for my own niche websites.

So without further ado, let’s answer the question; What is the Amazon affiliate program?

What is the Amazon affiliate program? – Overview

Real quick before we get started, here’s a quick definition of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other companies’ products on your website in exchange for a monetary award (commission), without the need to own, ship or collect payments for items or services purchased through your site.

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Sound good? Let’s move on.

Basically, the Amazon affiliate program is an opportunity offered by Amazon to website owners as a way to earn money for the products and services that they feature on their sites. The program also offers opportunities to display advertising and banners.

You must own a website to participate.What is the Amazon affiliate program

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When you sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, you will be issued a unique tracking ID that you can use for the products you discuss on your website.

This will be your “affiliate link” that lets Amazon know who to credit any sales to.

You do not need a new link for each new product or service that you feature.

As your code for each product is generated for you by Amazon, your unique tracking ID will be automated into the code. This makes product linking extremely easy.

The whole process of linking your products is nothing more than copy and paste. You can link your products in literally seconds.

You will have several options on how you want to accomplish your links.

  1. You can have the image of the product you are featuring with the affiliate link built in so your visitor can simply click the image and they will be sent to Amazon’s product page.
  2. You have the option to generate an “image only” code and you can remove or keep your affiliate link. This is beneficial to you as a way to show the product many times in your articles without filling the page with affiliate links.
  3. The “text only” option will give you the name of the product in text form with your affiliate link built in.
  4. The “custom link” option (This is the one I use most often) will allow you to add your affiliate link to any text or image, such as a “call to action” text or image. An example of this would be something like “BUY YOURS HERE.” The custom link allows you to embed your affiliate link right into the text. When your visitor clicks the link, they will be directed to Amazon’s product page.

Any way you decide to create your links, your unique tracking ID will be embedded into the code to ensure you will get credit for any purchases made through your link.

Now don’t think that Amazon offers this program just for us website owners.

Amazon is a business and as a business they are in it for the money, just like any other business.  If offering an affiliate program didn’t make business sense, then they wouldn’t do it.

As affiliates, we do all the advertising and promoting for the affiliate programs.

This saves companies huge amounts of money and results in billions of dollars worth of online sales every year.

In exchange, affiliate programs pay you a commission for every sale that you make and they do it gladly.

I jokingly refer to myself as an unpaid cash register operator…Until someone buys something!

What is the Amazon affiliate program? – How much does it pay?

With Amazon, commissions start off on the lower end of many of the other programs, but as you start to sell more things for them, you are rewarded with higher and higher commissions.

For most items, you will start off with a 4% commission rate, which is kind of low. But after selling just 7 items, your rate will jump to 6% and continue to climb up to 8.5% when you reach the plateau of 3,131 items sold.

You can see the current fee schedule for general products in the image below.

How much does the Amazon affiliate program pay

There are some items that Amazon pays a fixed commission rate for, such as T.V.s and gift cards.

These rates are subject to change, but you can see the current rates in the image below.

Amazon affiliate program review

Amazon will also notify you from time to time about special promotions and deals that offer you the opportunity to earn even higher commissions on certain items.

This is something they do frequently and it’s a great way to earn some extra money.

Now don’t think they are doing this just for you.

Like I said, Amazon is a business and offering its affiliates higher commissions on special items is a great way for them to get you to put in a little extra effort to make some sales.

Although we realize that the goal of these promos is to make some extra sales for them, as an affiliate marketer we learn to appreciate these extra opportunities!

Some unique features of the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon offers its associates everything they need to make money with their websites. Here are some of my favorite features of the program.

Link life!

Hands down, this is my favorite feature of the program.amazon affiliate program review

Amazon gives its affiliates a 24 hour link life!

What this means for you as an affiliate, is that anytime a customer visits Amazon through an affiliate link on your site, any purchase that they make within the next 24 hours will be credited to you.

I can’t tell you how many times a visitor to one of my sites has made a purchase other than the product that I was promoting.

Literally 10 days before I started writing this Amazon affiliate program review, I had a visitor to my baseball niche site who was interested in a radar gun that I had reviewed.

The visitor clicked through to Amazon via my affiliate link and bought the radar gun.

But thanks to Amazon’s 24 hour link life, I was credited for the purchase of a Garmin GPS unit, and 8 other RV related items.

My total sales for the purchase of a $300 radar gun ended up being a little over $2,000 by the time my visitor was done shopping for the day.

My commission rate at the time was 8%, so my total commission from one visitor who was interested in a radar gun ended up being $160. Thank you Amazon!

The 24 hour link life has resulted in many extra sales that I would never have earned commissions for with other programs.


As a member of the Amazon affiliate program, you will have access to one of the largest product selections offered by online retailers.

This means that whatever topic you have decided to base your website around (your niche), Amazon will most likely have products available for you to monetize your site with.

This will present you with a nearly endless amount of products to write about and feature on your own website.

Amazon Store.

Aside from putting your affiliate links into the articles you produce for your website, Amazon affiliates also have the ability to put a fully customizable store right on their site.

You can fill the store with as many or as few items as you wish.

When a visitor enters your store and wants to make a purchase, they are taken to Amazon’s secure checkout via your affiliate link where they handle the transactions for you.

Below is a screenshot of the A-store I put on my baseball website.

Amazon affiliate program features

Unmatched Trust.

Amazon offers visitors to my sites (And hopefully yours!) a level of trust that is unmatched in the online retail industry.

This gives your visitors (And hopefully customers!) the feeling of security that most other online retailers can’t compete with.

Think about the last time you made an online purchase. Was it with Amazon? Did you feel safe ordering through Amazon?

People know and trust Amazon, so the chances of them making a purchase through your links is much higher than most other affiliate programs.

Who is the Amazon affiliate program for?

The Amazon affiliate program is for any website owner who is looking for a way to start earning revenue for the hard work that they put in on a daily basis.

The program can be used by anyone from the most inexperienced beginner, all the way to the most successful online marketers.

When I first started using this program, I was most definitely what you would call a newbie.

But as time went on and I learned more and more about the affiliate marketing world, Amazon’s affiliate program has helped me to create a profitable online business.

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Basically, the program can be used by anyone.

Are there any downsides to the Amazon affiliate program?

what is the amazon affiliate program


Amazon has truly made their affiliate program as user friendly as it gets.

If I had to pick anything that I would consider a downside to the program, it would have to be the low starting commission rate.

But after just a few sales, they bring you right up to a rate that is very competitive industry wide.

There are other affiliate programs that I use from time to time that offer a slightly better rate on certain products, but my product choices and availability are much more limited and not nearly as easy to use.

If you plan on featuring a particular store’s products, you will most likely need to join some other affiliate network such as ShareASale.

Most of your bigger stores like WalMart will pay an affiliate network like ShareAsale or ClickBank to handle its affiliate program.

ShareASale is one of the networks I use on my baseball site as I do a lot of price comparisons to make sure I am recommending the best deal for my visitors, and they run the affiliate program for several baseball equipment merchants.

They also host the affiliate program for SportsMemorabilia.com, which is one of the most reputable sports memorabilia dealers online and they happen to pay one of the highest commission rates also.

Other than the slightly lower initial commission rate, there is very little downside to Amazon’s affiliate program to speak of.

On average, my conversion rate with Amazon recommended products is roughly 50% higher than most of my other programs, so the starting commission rate is really a non factor.

I think of like this; Would I rather sell 10 $300 radar guns at 6%, or 5 radar guns at 7%?

What is the Amazon affiliate program? – Wrap it up!Amazon associates review

Simply put, the Amazon affiliate program is a way for affiliate marketers to earn some money from their websites or blogs.

The key to being successful in affiliate marketing is to be honest with your visitors.

When people start to trust your opinion on the products and services that you feature on your website, the higher the chance that your visitors will become customers.

Once you have your website up and running, Amazon’s affiliate program provides you with all the tools necessary to monetize your traffic and they have made their program extremely easy to use.

With all of its unique features, tools and user friendliness, Amazon is easily my top rated affiliate program.

Is the Amazon affiliate program real or scam? REAL!

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I hope you enjoyed this Amazon affiliate program review and that we answered the question; “What is the Amazon affiliate program?”

If you have any other questions about the program or how to get your 2 free websites and training, please leave a comment below and I will get back with you a.s.a.p.

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